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Save the Moa

Save the Moa


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Go For It! Novels

Rough Cut Edition 

Follow on from Great Weta Robbery

It’s not your typical after-school job: at Krell Research, Chris looks after genetically modified mega-weta and helps Emma, the boss’s granddaughter, to care for a lively group of newly hatched moa chicks.

Hang on though, aren’t moa extinct? No! Everyone is astounded to hear that Krell’s brilliant scientists have used DNA from fossils to bring the species back to life. But it’s not long before some wag cracks the first Kentucky Fried Moa joke and protests from animal welfare and anti-GE groups soon follow. It doesn’t help either that a devious documentary team is stirring up sensational rumours for its own ends.

Then almost all of the moa escape from the new moa-breeding facility and the sensational becomes seriously out of control.

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